Getting to know the rules of a baccarat banker

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The baccarat formula (สูตรบาคาร่าป๋าเซียน) will only work if you know the rules of baccarat and especially the ones for the banker baccarat as it is the one which is favorite for most players. the baccarat banker rules for the third card are very complex. The caller tends to make sure that all the baccarat banker rules have been adhered to.

The dealing

The baccarat game basic is played with two cards which get dealt for the player and the banker. In certain instances, there might be a need for the third card. They are governed by the rules which have to be adhered to. It is the job taxed on the caller to make sure that the rules are exactly followed.

The hand which wins

The hand for winning in the baccarat is the one that happens to have a 9 total or an 8 if no hand achieves a nine. It is a hand that is considered to be the natural one and wins the round unless the two hands have a natural. If that happens, then it means that is a tie. If none of the hands achieves that, the rule of the third card applies.

The baccarat banker third card rule

The third card rule of the banker baccarat is different from the third card rule for the player baccarat. It is worth gaining at least some information on the way to draw the cards and how they deal works. The banker has to stand if the banker’s hand has a total of either 7 or 6. A total of 9 or 8 is natural or no additional cards will be needed.

 Even if the player decides to stand, the banker hand will draw the third card in case the total is between a 0 and a 5. If the hand of the player receives the third card, the banker hand draw cards as per the below rules:

  • If the banker happens where the total points are 2, then the banker would draw another card, which is the third card. In such a case, it doesn’t make a difference what the third card player is.
  • If the banker happens to have a hand where the total is 3, then the banker will have to draw the third card if the total points of the hands of the player are a number other than 8. In case the hand of the player is equal to 8, the banker will have to stand in such a case.

If the hand of the banker has a total of 4 points, the banker will only need to draw a third card as per what the player’s third card happens. If the third card was a jack, an ace, 10, 9, 8, king, and queen, it means that the banker might not draw the third card. If the third card happens to be 7, 6,5,4,3, or 2, the banker might draw a third card.

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